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The program is specifically designed for system administrators
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22 January 2012

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The program is specifically designed for system administrators, although it can be used at home, because it does not require the skills of a system administrator from the users. It is very easy to use.

Features: Technologies providing remote access to computer systems are widely used these days. System administrators no longer need to run all over the office and visit each user location. All he needs to do is to log on to the computer remotely. However, all these advantages will come to naught if the machine was turned off. The ability to switch on and off remotely adds to the administration flexibility hugely. The application allows managing the computer power state centrally, over network. You can turn on, turn off or reboot groups of computers with a click of the mouse. The application supports the Wake-On-LAN technology. Network Shutdown Tool runs effectively in large as well as small local networks.

Armed with this tool and a scheduler an administrator will be able to get lot more done. That too without distracting the user during his work time. Whichever machine needs to be worked on can be turned on and administered remotely. Whether it is installing a software, updating, data backup, virus check and inventory and so on. By using the task scheduler an administrator would be able to get practically anything done on the target machine. A job comes with a wizard which will guide user for all necessary items. The built-in scanner can find out and arrange the machines in a domain or a work group. The centralized power management will also help improve power consumption savings. The program is easy to use and there is no need to install anything on the client machines.

Overall: A good management tool should be useful in most organizations.

Publisher's description

The program for centralized power management of computers through local area network or the Internet. Use Network Shutdown Tool for remote shutdown, reboot, wake up a group of network workstations or servers. Network Shutdown tool specifically designed for small networks, and for large organizations with large number of computers. With Network Shutdown tool you can increase efficiency of using working time. Often there is a need to conduct the necessary technical work, such as installing or updating software, data backup, anti-virus checking, inventory, etc. Many organizations prefer to conduct such work in the evening or at night because more effectively using of time, and because they don't want to distract users from the work. While system administrator can remotely perform the necessary work. But this is possible only if computers are turned on. Otherwise would have to turn on each computer, but large organizations may have hundreds or even thousands of computers. Here comes to help Network Shutdown Tool. With one click of the mouse you can easily turn on several hundred computers upon completion of work turn their off. Also, by using Task Scheduler, you can create tasks and execute them on a schedule. Dignity of Network Shutdown Tool is ease of using. Even not worldly user, that haven't skills of system administration, is able to use all advantages of program easily. A job comes with a wizard which will guide user for all necessary items. The scanner of network helps quickly and simply add groups of computers in the domain or workstation group. Centralized and automated power management of computers allows to reduce energy costs. The program have a simple, intuitive interface and doesn't requires installation on the client side.
Network Shutdown Tool
Network Shutdown Tool
Version 2.7
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